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Our Mission


We aim to bring the goodness of 

fresh & natural A 2 cow’s 

milk to every 

family’s doorstep.




Why Us?

The most popular breed of cows which are known for their milking prowess are broadly divided into two categories, one being the Desi Cows, namely; Sahiwal, Gir and so on.

The other being Holstein, Friesians, Jersey, and so on.

Desi cows’ milk is guaranteed A2 milk, as recently established by National Bureau of Animal Genetic Resources (NBAGR).

Diet Diary: Desi cow milk safest variant

Evidence link A1 milk to ill-health; A2 gene, the safer one, is found only in non-genetically altered cows.


A2 Milk








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  • About Us

Our visionary, Shri Subodh Kumar, is an electrical engineer from Roorkee, who decided to devote his working life to ‘Gauseva’. He’s dedicated the last 30 years into developing and maintaining cow’s health, environment and productivity of milk. You can follow him, and read about his work by following his blogs.



DesiCowsMilk, offers fresh & natural A 2 cow’s milk  — a tribute to his knowledge and service towards cow-based spirituo-socio-economic development.

Mission DesiCowsMilk aims to bring the goodness of cow’s milk to every family’s doorstep.

A2 milk or Reconstituted milk? Know the difference, when you buy your milk from DesiCowsMilk.

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